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This year ,we have made a lot of Christmas Holiday for kids and other brand lienced styles . Such as Disney ,Marvel ,Batman ,etc.

From about 6 years ago ,we started to produce lienced styles for clents from different country ,different market .And until  end of 2021 ,the volume is about 50% of the total quanitty .

For lienced styles ,designed with fashion or new print ,embroidery of the defination . Kids love this kind of very much ,and the familiy is in a good situaiton during the holiday period .

From 2022 ,we will start new model of cooperation with our clients ,ie . we will offer the stock warehouse in China ,and clents may place order at the beginning of the whole year ,and don’t need to worry about the delivery and the logistics services ,we offer this  ,is to solve the problem of the delivery timing ,and clents can’t reveive cargo as per their schedul.

To do this ,we need big place to build warehouse ,and pay a lot of money for that ,but after careful checking ,we think it is worthful and very helpful for our clients to do the business .

In the coming 5 years ,we will keep this kind of to our old clents ,and some new clients ,and if it works well ,we will further consider to set our own warehouse in abroad ,which help our lents to develope the business on line .

Post time: Dec-20-2021